Sauna construction used


In sauna construction we use four types of wood – black alder, aspen, pine and spruce. Each of them has certain benefits and corresponding application – by using this knowledge, we can create an ecological, comfortable and functional barrel-type sauna. To reinforce the characteristics of the wood and make it more durable, it is thermally treated. The result of this process is thermally modified wood.

Black alder

Sauna shelves

Black alder wood is durable under water and does not decay for a long time.
A good material for things that must withstand prolonged contact with water.
This wood is easy to treat. The wood is suitable for turning and is often used in carpentry.
Used as an insulation material. Resistant to deformation.
The wood has high sound insulation capacity and low thermal conductivity.
It has an interesting feature – when heated, it acquires a reddish tinge, but when it is cooled, it returns to its natural hue.


Sauna shelves
Aspen shingles

Moisture resistant wood.
Easy to treat.
Aspen products are known for their extensive lifetime.
Suitable for sauna interiors – does not heat up to cause burns.
Does not have a specific odor.
Used for roofing in eco sauna solutions.


Sauna barrel

Does not rot and crack.
High sound insulation.
Resinous woods are naturally resistant to fungi.
As it dries, the wood becomes stronger and more flexible.
Soft, easily accessible and processed wood.
Used for manufacturing sauna barrels.

Thermally modified wood

Resistant to rot.
The useful life of the material becomes five times longer, compared to untreated wood.
It is more stable, as its characteristics allow using longer and wider material size.
The thermal conductivity of this material is more than a quarter higher than untreated wood, which makes it especially suitable for sauna construction.
Resistant to air humidity and temperature fluctuations that cause tinting of the wood.

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